Islamic cleric who describes gays as ‘filthy’ cancels UK tour

  • London Muslim Centre responded to Rainbow Hamlets’s letter of Friday 8 November indicating that they had NEVER been approached by the Tayyibun Institute to hold the promoted event with Mufti Ismail Menk, who recently said that gay people are worse than “animals” and believes consenting gay sex is equivalent to “rape”.
  • Formal request made to the local authority and the police, together with other partners, for multiagency response to activities of Tayyibun Institute
Jack Gilbert, issued a statement on behalf of Rainbow Hamlets:
“Whilst we accept completely that the London Muslim Centre had been misrepresented by the Tayyibun Institute, Rainbow Hamlets remains very concerned about the sponsoring organisation itself, which is also based in Tower Hamlets. The Tayyibun Institute publicly advertises instruction for children between the ages of 4 –16, alongside adult education.

“From where we stand, Mufti Ismail Menk’s extreme views that gay people are worse than ‘animals’, and consenting gay sex is equivalent to ‘rape’ are no less an incitement to hatred than the far right”t. By attempting to organise this tour, the TI have revealed themselves as an extreme organisation wishing to stir up trouble by provocative acts that both directs hatred against LGBT people and incites islamophobia. One could even see the misrepresentation of the LMC as a ploy to further these ends.

“This is not new territory for us collectively. It requires a very considered appraisal by all partners of the full situation as a matter of urgency. Accordingly, we have written to to the local authority, The police and other partners with a view to establishing a multiagency response.”

Our letter to the London Muslim Centre