Walking:Holding – Rosana Cade

Walking:Holding is a project by Glasgow based artist Rosana Cade, which she is bringing to East London in April as part of the Spill Festival of Performance. Rosana is looking for participants.

“I started this project because as a gay woman I found that I was sometimes uncomfortable holding hands with my partner in public. I spoke to other gay people about this, and they said that they had all experienced the same feeling at least once in their lives. Some people said that they never felt comfortable enough to hold hands with their partners in public. This is something that makes me feel very sad, and something I wish to challenge.

I began a series of experiments in Glasgow where I walked holding hands with lots of different people in public, and I became interested in how different I felt with each person, and also the differences in the way other people on the street reacted towards me. I held hands with someone much older than me, with a pregnant woman, with a tall black man, with a goth, with a cross dresser, with an Indian woman and with my girlfriend.

It was a privilege to share this intimate action with all these different people, and hear their different relationships to hand holding and stories about their experiences in the city.

So I decided to create this ‘performance’ called ‘Walking:Holding’, where one audience member at time gets to go on a walk and hold hands with a range of different people. I did it first in Glasgow, and have since worked with people in Bristol and Ipswich to make it happen. So now, I’m looking for people to be a part of this walk in London.”

As a participant you would get to meet a new group of people and take part in a workshop exploring the themes within the project in order to prepare for the performance. During the performance you would be positioned at a certain point along the route, and walk holding hands with each audience member one at a time for about 5 minutes.

The performance will take place in London, starting from Toynbee Studios on Commercial Street on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April, if you’re available for both of those dates that’d be great, but if you could only do one that could still work.

You would need to be available for:

–         A short workshop led by Rosana on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th April

–         10am – 6pm on both Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April

–         10am-12pm we will get together, before heading out on to the route local to Toynbee studios.

–         1-3pm and 4-6pm will be the walks themselves.

If you are interested, please email info@rainbowhamlets.org and we will pass your details on.

Why not download a low-resolution copy of the Spill Festival brochure (link opens in pdf format in a new window)



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