“The White Swan is not a Sex Entertainment Venue” – Rainbow Hamlets tells Mayor

Rainbow Hamlets has today released a letter to Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets Executive Mayor, setting out why the White Swan is not a Sex Entertainment Venue under the terms of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, and calling upon the local authority therefore to immediately exclude the gay venue from the purview of the forthcoming Sex Establishment policy.

As Co-Chairs Jack Gilbert and Rebecca Shaw write, “The key issue is whether, as defined by the Act, the provided entertainment is ‘of such a nature that, ignoring financial gain, it must reasonably be assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purposes of sexually stimulating any member of the audience.’”

“Neither the operators nor the customers of the White Swan see the event as exploitative in any way or primarily for sexual gratification. We invite the Council to reach the same conclusion and make plain that the White Swan is not a Sex Entertainment Venue.”

In response to the letter, discussions with the Mayor’s Office have been scheduled to commence this week. A copy of the letter can be viewed here.


Man who Sprayed Homophobic Grafitti Sent to Jail

A 23 year old man who sprayed homophobic graffiti over seventy times in a Shadwell housing block has been brought to justice, after Tower Hamlets Council worked in partnership with EastendHomes and the police to identify and prosecute him.

On Friday 10 February at Thames Magsistrates’ Court, Mashudur Rahman was given an eight week custodial sentence for nine counts of criminal damage. He had earlier pleaded guilty to the charges in a hearing at Stratford Magistrates Court on 3 February.

The court heard that Rahman had written homophobic and racist graffiti in Gordon House, Glamis Road, Shadwell E1, numerous times during a six month period between March and his arrest on 28 September last year.

The court also heard a number of witness statements which described the alarm and distress caused by the graffiti, which contained numerous homophobic references

Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “The council will continue to work with our partners to bring perpetrators of all hate crimes to justice.”

Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “The actions of this man were despicable and condemnable. The messages of hate that he wrote caused considerable hurt and distress to the residents of Gordon House, and it is right that he has now been punished.”

Paul Bloss Chief Executive of EastendHomes, said: “The successful prosecution in this case is an excellent example of how EastendHomes works in partnership with other agencies such as the police and the council to rid the estate of this unacceptable type of behaviour”

DC Simon Fields, the police investigating officer, said: “Many people were involved in the investigation of this offence, including the local Safer Neighbourhood Team. It is a measure of how seriously we take Hate Crime that the perpetrator was identified and convicted and the sentence sends a clear warning that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated”.

Jack Gilbert, Co-chair of Rainbow Hamlets, the LGBT Forum for Tower Hamlets,said: “We welcome this conviction. In particular we are pleased that the Court recognised that these were offences motivated by hatred of LGBT people and reflected that in its sentence. This sends a clear message: Homophobic crime in Tower Hamlets will not be tolerated.

“Offences like these cause considerable worry and distress to LGBT people and could well encourage others if not addressed swiftly. We are obviously concerned that the incidents took place so frequently and over so long a period. We will be inviting East End Homes, the police and the council to participate in a review of the case to ensure better practices are put in place for the future.”

The case was brought to court after officers from EastendHomes, which manages Gordon House, received reports of the offensive graffiti from residents. In response EEH carried out an initial investigation to gather witness statements and photos of the graffiti.

The case was then passed to Tower Hamlets Council’s Community Safety Service, who gathered video footage and stills of the perpetrator carrying out his crimes.

The complete package of evidence was then passed to Shadwell police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who identified Rahman and progressed prosecution with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Source: News Distribution Service

So who Ordered the Pink Unicorn?


At playschool, all little Alexander wanted was to be Alexandra. Now the eleven year old is seeking hormone treatment. The Jugendamt (Youth Department) is set against it.

“Hi, I’m Alex!” The smiling girl, who opens the door to an old but pretty dwelling somewhere in Berlin, has long blonde hair, wears skinny jeans and a blouse. But this lovely eleven year old character, who readily shows us her pink room with white furniture and a pink unicorn on the, this should be a boy!

No, nothing suggests ‘boy’ here, yet for Alex gender identity has become a battlefield. Alex is transsexual – a girl with the sexual characteristics of a boy. And because of that, the child is now threatened with a secure psychiatric ward. The Youth Department wants to section her.

“For how long have you believed that you are a girl?” Alex looks me in the eye and answers back “for…

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