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This site is not current. It is being kept up and running for heritage reasons only.

Rainbow Hamlets is a forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people who live, work or have strong associations with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We aim to be the independent voice of LGBT people in Tower Hamlets in championing and celebrating the diverse lives, needs and experiences of LGBT people who live, work or are otherwiseassociated with the borough and the businesses, organisations and community groups which support them. We intend to do this by:-

  • Advocating on behalf of LGBT people, organisations and businesses with the local authority, the police and other agencies
  • Building local community life, challenging homophobia and transphobia in all its forms
  • Engaging with and encouraging meaningful consultation
  • Proactively reviewing provision of service and grant allocation to ensure they are equitable, so that the allocation of public funds is inclusive of LGBT projects and initiatives, and money is used to address gaps in community support
  • Facilitating local historical, cultural, sporting and LGBT rights-related happenings that bring people together
  • Developing dialogue with other communities in the borough, to promote understanding and combat hatred and prejudice in all its forms
  • Linking up with LGBT people, groups and organisations across London and beyond

There’s no formal membership scheme; forum meetings are open to all community members. Meetings are also attended by organizations which belong to the Tower Hamlets Partnership such as the Council, local NHS trusts, the Police and registered social landlords so it really is a chance to have your say on the issues which affect community life in Tower Hamlets. Come and join us!